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BEAVERTON, OR – September 20th 2013 – Ocean View Gaming LLC today announced that the grand opening of a DayZ Epoch Chernarus server. Players can immerse themselves in a role-play environment with dangers such as the walking undead and other survivors in the military sim Arma II. DayZ Epoch is a specialized modification for the popular DayZ modification of Arma II. Players can craft materials, survival tools, and build camps and bases bringing the roleplay aspect of DayZ to life.

About Ocean View Gaming: Located in the Pacific NorthWest, Ocean View Gaming LLC. is a multi-game community with members and volunteer staff from around the globe. Our members play gaming titles such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, Flight Simulator/VATSIM, MineCraft, and DayZ Epoch. The company also features strategic web services including the popular website samp-scripts.com. All trademarks and copyrights contained herein remain the property of their respective holders where applicable.

Regards, Ocean View Gaming LLC.